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UK Wildcats Incoming Freshman for 2019-20

The Breakdown of Kentucky Wildcat Freshmen for 2019-20


Five-stars: Tyrese MaxeyKahlil WhitneyKeion Brooks

Four-stars: Johnny Juzang, Dontaie Allen

Other new additions: Nate Sestina (grad transfer from Bucknell)


I will admit it.  I am like most Big Blue Fans. Every year I get 
fired up about the Kentucky Wildcats and the new Recruiting class.  
However this year I have done more research pre-season than I do 
most years.

The eyeball test tells and research I have done on these incoming 
freshmen tell me they are special. They are talented, have a great
attitude and they are winners.

I believe most of BBN believe #9 is coming, it is just a matter
of when. I don't know a lot about Michigan State, Florida, and 
the other pre-season highly ranked teams.  However what I see
with the Wildcats, I can almost guarantee this is going to be
a super fun year.  If coach Cal has proved anything to us over 
the years is that when March rolls around Kentucky will running 
on all cylinders in March.

This appears to be one of the most talented group we have ever
had, and more importantly they are solid kids, with great 
attitudes that came to Kentucky because they want to be coached,
get better, and WIN!



With three five-star players and a No. 2 overall recruiting class 
ranking on 247Sports, this is the kind of class we have come to expect 
from Calipari in his 10 years with us in  Lexington. 

What is different compared to the classes Cal has brought in earlier 
in the decade is that it does not have the projected top-of-the-draft, 
one-and-done talent that Calipari has become associated with. 

In fact, according to many college basketball gurus, this years Wildcats
has just one Kentucky player in his top 15, Kahlil Whitney with currently
ranks around #12.  There is a chance this years freshman  Wildcats won’t 
produce a lottery pick in 2020, which would be a first under Calipari.

That doesn't mean Kentucky can't win it all this year. I believe
if they pass the ball and get great shots, play great defense,
there is no limits to this teams upside potential. No stand out
#1 NBA Draft picks right now, but potentially one of the best
TEAMS we have seen on the floor of Rupp.

Of course, comparing Kentucky strictly to its own past is to hold it 
to a nearly impossible standard. No program in college basketball has
experienced the success UK and Calapari have had over the past 10 years.
Even without the talent currently at the top of most big boards 
this is a high-caliber influx of talent that can win right away and should 
make Kentucky particularly deep and exciting team to watch.

How many players have we watched 
go from low in the Top 100 NBA 
recruiting boards to high NBA picks?  

Calapari and the UK coaching staff 
doesn't get the credit they deserve 
for developing talent. This years 
Kentucky freshmen class will be no 
different, not to mention we get to 
see older improved EJ Montgomery, Aston, 
Quickly and Junior Nick Richards on the
Rupp Arena floor.

With this years Kentucky Wildcat freshmen class and the return players,
everything is on the table. A team this talented that can defend at the
level coached by a Hall of Famer should absolutely have its sights set on
the season’s final weekend and the banners that come with it.

Of course, as we have seen from Kentucky teams in the past, even highly talented and athletic teams so reliant on underclassmen can be sent home during the NCAA tournament’s quicker than we hoped. However most years we knock off higher ranked teams and mover further than most gurus predict.

With most pre-season polls having us in the top-three rankings a lot more
people will be expecting Kentucky to be a force in this years college
basketball season. As always we will have a target on our backs every
game. As Cal says we are most teams Super Bowl every year.

Can this freshman class ……….

* Pass the ball and get great shots?

* Play defense at the highest level

* Handle the target on their back?

I sincerely believe they can base upon the interviews I have heard and
the real winners mindset this years freshman class appears to have.

So much is about mindset. Everyone can talk the talk, but Coach CalAll Posts
has proven to all of us, he walks the walk. I believe the majority of
this years freshmen class are cut from the same mode.

Time will tell, but I am expecting a Great year, and I believe come
March we are going to have a legitimate chance at #9.



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