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University of Kentucky Golf (The history of UK Wildcat Golf)




Golf teams where formed in the South Eastern Conference in 1965.

In 1985 Kentucky won their first and only SEC Championship.

The men’s and women’s golf teams call the University Club of Kentucky
their home course. Notable alumni of the golf team include 1967 Masters
Tournament winner Gay Brewer, current PGA Tour golfers J. B. Holmes
and Steve Flesch, and current Champions Tour golfer Russ Cochran.


















Whenever I ask golfers what they want most of all, the answer is usually, “To be more consistent”.


You know how it is – you have those flashes of brilliance on the course; times where everything seems to flow, your golf seems effortless, you blast the ball with jaw dropping drives, your putts seem to get drawn to the hole like a magnet.


In short, you are in “the Zone”.


Would you like to make those flashes of brilliance happen more often?


Can you imagine the look on your buddies faces when you consistently have the upper hand?


Well, according to Karl Morris (the mind coach who helped Louis Oosthuizen win the 2010 Open Championship) the key to consistency boils down to 7 Rituals which are used by the top players in the world.


You can learn all about them here:


7 Rituals of Golf


If you work these 7 Rituals into your game, you’ll unleash the consistent golfer inside you.
Yes, your buddies may wonder how your game improved so quickly, but no need to tell
them, they probalby wouldn’t believe that the 7 rituals used by PGA pro’s could really
make that much of a difference, so just keep the 7 Rituals to yourself.   🙂







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