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University of Kentucky Cawood Ledford Memories

8888  If you are part of Big Blue Nation and grew up listening to
Caywood Ledford then you understand what I mean when I say
I felt like he was a member of my family.

I am shocked today at the number of truly passionate University of
Kentucky fans who don’t really know much about Cawood Ledoford and
his impact on Ketnucky basketball.

Some of you remember when most of the games where not on TV and
Cawood Ledford was our connection to Kentucky Basketball.

Today every time I hear a recording of Cawoods voice it creates
an emotion,

Sometimes a smile, sometimes a chill, sometimes a tear.

It is our hope that many Wildcat Gifts customers will appreciate this
comppulation of a few Cawood Ledford’s moments in history.

Enjoy and consider sharing this with a younger Wildcat fan!

Cawood Ledford, died at age 75 at his home town Harlan, Kentucky.



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I love Tom Leach, Dave Baker, Rex,  and the boys on the UK
Sports  network, but I miss Cawood!   

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