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Tyrese Maxey Kentucky Wildcat Frehman

At Wildcat Gifts we are expecting the 2019 -20 season to be yet another, “Thankful to be a Wildcat” season.

BBN will enjoy watching this years recruiting class, and with four returning, experienced players this will be another special year.

We expect Wildcat fans to fall in love with this freshman class and believe
Tyrese Maxey will become a Wildcat fan favorite.  According to many published
reports Tyrese has always wanted to play for coach Cal and be a Wildcat.




Here is what he said in his own words.  This was published on his USA Today blog right after he committed to Kentucky.

Well, y’all probably just saw that I just now committed to the University of Kentucky.

I know everyone wants to know why I chose Kentucky; well to that I’ve got a question too:

Why not?

Kentucky has been my dream school ever since I can remember. I’ve wanted to play for Coach Cal since I saw him coach Derrick Rose. He does a great job of coaching guards and getting them to the next level. It’s a dream come true.

Man I can’t tell y’all how glad I am to have this secret out. The reality is that I committed before the first live period a couple of weeks ago.

I won’t say it was hard to keep it to myself, it was more my family.

We shot my commitment video the other day and then my sister kept her Kentucky shirt on when she went to McDonald’s right after and some of the kids from my school were asking her if that’s where I was going. Haha!

The way I told Coach Cal was pretty normal.

I was sitting around with my parents late one night at my house and I told me them, “I’m ready to do this!” So I called Coach Cal and he was sleep. Haha!

So he called me early the next morning when I was at school and asked me, “Are you ready to do this?”

I said yeah and he said he’d call me back later that day and he did.

We chopped it up for a long time about what the future was gonna hold for me and I just got even more excited.

I’m happy to be a part of the Kentucky family now, but I’m also happy to just be stress-free.

I really appreciate all of the coaches that recruited me, but it’s also weighs heavy on you.

It’s not an easy process at all.

OK, so the next thing I know people want to know is if I’m going to 2018.

I’m deciding to stay in my own class of 2019!

I know that may shock some of y’all but for me it came down to me just wanting to be a kid for my last year of high school. I just wanted to be around all of my friends and all of my family one last year and I don’t want to pass that up.

My dream is to be a McDonald’s All American too so I’m just gonna take this year and work hard and do everything possible to make that dream a reality.

I always wanted to be a part of a class that I helped create; guys I helped to bring to the school with me to try and win this national title.

I told Coach Cal my decision to stay in 2019 about a week ago and he was fine with it. He’s always told me he doesn’t care when I come as long as I come there.

Of course I’ve been talking to all of the guys at Kentucky and all of the commits and we’re all like fam already!

OK guys I wanted to break down my thought process behind my commitment for my first blog so I hope you guys liked it.

I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again so check back soon for my next blog.



What a start for Tyrese Maxey

In his first game against #1 ranked Michigan State Tyrese scored 26 points in Kentucky’s victory.  The most point every scored by a Kentucky basketball player in their freshmen debut.





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