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Kentucky Dribble Drive Motion Offense explained by John Calipari

Kentucky Dribble Drive Motion Offense Playbook | “Exclusive” (Kentucky DDM Clinic Notes for Coaches)


Kentucky Dribble Drive Motion Offense Playbook | “Exclusive” – Kentucky DDM Greece Clinic Notes


Here is your opportunity to take an inside look on how Kentucky ran their Dribble Drive Motion Offense in the 2009-2010 season. You get to see the X’s and O’s of how the Kentucky Coach John Calipari  turned this team into a Dribble, Drive, Motion, MACHINE. How did he effectively use Patrick Patterson (Post player turned Perimeter Guard) and what options did they use when he needed a score in the post?

What do you do when your Dribble Drive Motion Offense team gets a little stagnant?  You will learn some wrinkles that will allow you different looks into DDM and still use all of the DDM Concepts you have mastered.

The First part of this eBook has 50 plays / 57 plays basketball X’s and O’s information. I give you half-court set plays to get into DDM, Zone Offense that keep DDM concepts alive and some Zone Blob Plays and more.


The second part of this eBook has 32 plays / 40 plays of DDM Clinic information never available anywhere in the United States. The diagramed notes detail: Dribble Drive Motion Offense, Drills for DDM, More Zone offense sets, Pick and Roll Offense for DDM, and Three-Point plays that employ DDM Concepts.

If you are a serious basketball coach with players who depend on you, these notes need to be part of your library. From youth league to professional coaches, you are going to get insights from this unique offense you wouldn’t fina anywhere else.




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