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An Unknown Hack that will save Ky Wildcat Fans $$ this Christmas Season

Back for 2020

You might as well be throwing money away if you’re not using this Wildcat Gifts hack this Christmas holiday.   This is an exciting hack, that is so good many customers found it hard to believe last Christmas.

Some have already asked if we were going to do it again, and the answer is YES, but this will probably be the last year, for reasons that will become obvious. At some point your customer acquisition cost cannot be more than your profit.  We have people to pay, and lights to keep turned on.  However we have a long term belief in the people that make up Big Blue Nation!


Here’s how it works


For every $25.00 Gift Card you purchase from us at between
now and December 20th.


You will receive FIVE $5.00 Gift Cards FREE to use as gifts.    I know what you are thinking. You are thinking wait a minute.  For every $25.00 I spend, I am getting it back with Five $5.00 gift cards?

 That is correct!  What if I just want to use the $25.00 Gift Card to something for myself? That’s fine, and yes you are going to be spending the money on Christmas Gifts anyway this year, right?


The reality on our end is, for every $25.00 Gift Card you buy at Wildcat Gifts, you will receive the cards to use as you choose, IN ADDITION, we are also going to include FIVE  $5.00 Gift Cards for every $25.00 gift card you purchase.


Our $5.00 gift cards are perfect for Stocking Stuffers, Gifts for School Bus Drivers, Teachers, Mail Carriers, everyone in the state of Kentucky and those that live outside the state who are Big Blue Fans.

Here is the catch, if there is one, only one gift certificate or discount code can be used per order.  I guess6 that is standard business practice for all online stores, now that I think about it.


As many of you know, we don’t gauge you on shipping cost. In fact at Wildcat Gifts shipping is free anywhere in the United States!

Our prices at are lower than the exact same item you may find on Amazon.  Amazon, and the people that run these big box stores, don’t even know who Cawood Ledford was!

You can use the $25.00 Gift Card to give away as gifts, or find something cool for yourself, like our newly added Cawood Tee.  All we ask is that you use the (5) Free $5.00 gift cards we send you as gifts for other people.

It is our hope & belief that over the long-term these five people, would want to do business with other Wildcat fans instead of some Big Box store that last Christmas sent Kansas merchandise to Kentucky fans. (Of yes, we heard about it too)

Our mission from day one has been to go so far above and beyond that when BBN needs a gift the first place that pops in their minds is

I know most of our regular customers who buy from us throughout the year understand our mission. When they need a gift, they go to our Website first.   That type of business relationship can not be expected just because at Wildcat Gifts we Bleed Blue like you,  it must be earned.  We sincerely cannot thank you
enough for your support and telling others about us, we depend on it.  Most of our new customers come from our fantastic Wildcat Gift Club members.

We may make a mistake from time-to-time, but we will fix it promptly and make up for it!

Like the Wildcats on the basketball court, we may make an “Evansville Blunder” every now and then but it doesn’t happen very often.

You can darn well be sure that you don’t have to worry about us sending you Kansas merchandise or any other school when you do business with us! 🙂

We started simply because we were born and raised a Wildcat and thankful for it!  We are a proud member of Big Blue Nation, just like our customers.  So our focus since we started has been to go above
and beyond to gain your trust and hopefully your business.  I
sn’t that they way you do business in Kentucky?

We sincerely want to do such a good job that when you need a gift for any occasion you think Wildcat Gifts first.

Our customers tell us we don’t just talk the talk, we have walked the walk from day one.  This is a long-term, lifetime project for us.  When I say I hope our grandchildren are doing business together, I mean it!

Let’s be real, have you ever seen a Wildcat fan receive any kind of gift associated with the Kentucky Wildcats and not been thrilled?   Bird Feeders,  Chimes, Christmas Ornaments,  Tees, Calendars, Jewelry, it doesn’t  matter.

If it is associated with the Kentucky Wildcats they are going to love it and you are going to be a gift giving hero!  Most of my life, my family knew, all I wanted for Christmas was something connected with the UK Wildcats.  

With our Gift Cards they can actually choose their own Wildcats gifts !!


So what can we do to earn some of your business

this Holiday Season?  Is giving you a total of $50.00

in gift cards for every $25,00 Gift Card you buy enough?

If it is, please don’t procrastinate and wait till the last minute.  We both know you are going to be spending the money this Christmas Holiday.  Since you are already here, and this is the smartest holiday hack on the planet,  go ahead and click the $25.00 Card below to be taken to the order page.

You will have your cards on their way to you within one business day, and you can know that there is no gift you could have purchased, that a member of BBN would enjoy more!


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